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Webinar on “Establishing the Foundations of Data Governance Using Data and Process Design Standards


(Free Press Release) Hamilton Hayes, Data Scientist and Principal Architect for Sandhill Consultants Ltd. will be the Speaker at a webinar that EITAGlobal, a leading continuing education training provider in the IT space, is organizing on January 22, 2014. The webinar is on the topic, “Establishing the Foundations of Data Governance Using Data and Process Design Standards and Management Practices”.

Webinar on “Establishing the Foundations of Data Governance Using Data and Process Design Standards


In most industries, risk is directly proportionate to the growth in business volume and complexity. Data which help to correlate these two help serve the business with speed, integrity and trustworthiness. Increasingly, inadequate or incorrect data design and data management practices (i.e. 'bad data') are being associated with health, safety, security, compliance and financial issues. Whatever an organization’s responsibilities may be with regard to data, its accountability is growing as the responsibilities increase. In addition to the business consequences of 'bad data', the organization could have to face penalties, fines and ultimately, litigation.

This session will suggest ways by which organizations can reduce their 'bad data' vulnerability. Ironically, there is no standard definition for data governance, but this session fits its concept to the key functions, responsibilities and success factors of participants’ role and how they apply to the data management life cycle. Through understanding each step in the data life cycle, the needed skills, methods, procedures, technology and knowledge required to implement a successful data governance program will be presented.

The speaker will emphasize three important perspectives of data governance:

o What it is and why is it needed

o What are the roles of stakeholders?

o How is data governance performed?


This webinar will cover the following areas:

o What is data governance and why it is essential

o What are the risks concerning data trustworthiness?

o Who is accountable for data quality and interoperability?

o What are the roles and responsibilities for data design and management?

o What is the infrastructure (methods, skills and technology) needed for a successful data governance program?

o Walk through the data management life cycle from a governance perspective

o Conducting a data governance self-assessment

o Developing a data governance action plan


When: January 22, 2014, 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST


By whom:

Hamilton Hayes is and Data Scientist and Principal Architect for Sandhill Consultants Ltd. Over time, Ham has led much of the evolution data and process products supporting education courses. He has provided his extensive expertise in information, process and enterprise modeling to numerous major North American corporations and government agencies. Ham’s various roles have included serving as Business Director, Engineering manager, Consultant, Educator and Mentor.


His industry experience includes aerospace, semiconductor, insurance, manufacturing, IT, human resources and government. Ham has authored articles and delivered presentations to industry groups on enterprise modeling, standards and best practices and their role in improving performance. The focus of his consulting and teaching has helped enterprises and corporations bridge the space between technical modeling and business success. He is also researcher in modeling, using data and process modeling products to model non-linear social interactions.


For whom:

The webinar will benefit


o CDO (Chief Data Officer)

o Governance Officer

o Enterprise Architect

o Data Architect

o QA Manager

o Information/Data Steward

o Compliance Officer

o Risk Manager

o Development Manager

o Business Analyst

o Line of Business Director/Manager

o Project Manager


Duration: 90 minutes


To enroll for this webinar, contact

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ph: 800-447-9407


Fax: 302-288-6884

Webinar on “Establishing the Foundations of Data Governance Using Data and Process Design Standards

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