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GoTravelEnglish.com Provides a Web English Teacher to Help Those Who Seek to Learn English Online


(Free Press Release) GoTravelEnglish.com Puts a Web English Teacher in Touch with Japanese to English students and others who would like to learn English online

GoTravelEnglish.com Provides a Web English Teacher to Help Those Who Seek to Learn English Online


Cumberland, MD ( newpressrelease ) March 7, 2012 - The "global economy" that has developed over the last century only continued to grow and become more complex over time. Yet, certain limitations threaten to impede the progress of globalization in a number of ways: resource distribution, ideological differences, economic struggles. One of the greatest hindrances to the progress of both global trade and cultural unity is simple differences in language. While the world is often represented as unified in terms of certain political and economic functions, it is also divided by language; hundreds of languages are spoken around the world by billions of people. The language of Esperanto was created specifically to be a universal language, a communication system that the average person can learn in the fraction of the time of any other language. However, its use has not yet caught on. At this point, the closest thing the world has to a universal language is English, the most commonly spoken language in the world. While Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, and many other languages are spoken across the planet, English remains the most widely spoken language across the six civilized continents of the world. Therefore, the most rational approach to improving fundamental communication on a global level is to continue to increase the number of people who speak English. This endeavor is beneficial to those who learn English, and to global communications as a whole.

English has become, among other things, the language of international business. Japanese to English teaching in particular has been a huge industry for decades, and other countries are following suit. English as a Second Language (ESL) programs have popped up all over the world, but they are not always accessible or affordable to those who need them. Now, thanks to the clever application of the internet, a new method for ESL is transforming lives and businesses. GoTravelEnglish.com is now allowing Japanese speaking people to learn English online faster and more efficiently than ever. This major development may revolutionize international communications.

Online English instruction via webcam allows for the best possible combination of access and excellence in teaching. By providing a web English teacher on webcam, in real time, GoTravelEnglish.com brings the experience of a real, live ESL tutor into the homes of students anywhere in the world. Students can focus on Travel English, Business English, Conversational English, or Aviation English, increasing their career options and travel options immensely. The live webcam is particularly helpful because it provides all of the benefits of personal instruction, including communication subtleties like body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. GoTravelEnglish.com's innovative approach to instruction opens new doors of communication and progress , and new levels of unity between the East and West.

About GotravelEnglish.com

GotravelEnglish.com provides an expert web English teacher who can help any non-native English speaker to learn English online. Japanese to English instruction is in particularly high demand, but anyone who would like to learn English is encouraged to visit http://gotravelEnglish.com/


GoTravelEnglish.com Provides a Web English Teacher to Help Those Who Seek to Learn English Online

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