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International Lawyer Frank Warren Swacker Includes his Stageplays in Appendix of his Enhanced E-Book


(Free Press Release) E-Books including stage plays opens new marketing avenue in E-Commerce.

International Lawyer Frank Warren Swacker Includes his Stageplays in Appendix of his Enhanced E-Book


St. Petersburg, FL (USA), Friday - January 20, 2011 -- International Lawyer, Frank Warren Swacker ( http://www.members.authorsguild.net/fswacker ), and Free Marketing, Inc., publishers of Yellow Back Mysteries, have enhanced Who Murdered Mom? by adding as an Appendix to Darla J. Blaha’s, re-edited hard cover second edition of the book, at author’s request, his full length two-act stage play, Arbitrating Murder  The play is based upon the re-edited book. Both are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other publishers of E-books.  Blaha is the prize-winning author of The La Grange Chicken Ranch Revisited, on which the well-known Broadway play and movie, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, were based. People frequently desire to seek out the play or the book after exposure to either, for purpose of comparison.  Stage play movie actors and producers should find the book/play combo facilitate production plot and character insights.

The foregoing plays and books are Swacker’s original works.   When asked, how he felt about having his fictional works re-edited after he had changed the book endings in his plays, he responded:  "Although, writing of Who Murdered Mom?  occurred to me as a useful adjunct to my teaching, I find the economical packaging of my plays with my books very stimulating.  I think directors, authors, publishers and playwrights will consider this new avenue of e-commerce productive."  Last month Free Marketing, included the author’s comic fictional satire and courtroom drama stage play, depicting executive misconduct, Who Murdered the Chairman? as an Appendix to his book, Boardroom Conspiracies.

Swacker is author of numerous professional and fictional published articles, books, and plays. His re-edited plays require small casts of women and men in simple settings. An international lawyer, he was born in Manhattan in 1922 and has taught international law and dispute resolution at Stetson University Colleges of Law.  He is lead author of, World Trade Without  Barriers, a two volume work on WTO dispute settlement and continues, from time to time, to advise major international law firms on foreign trade and investment matters.  Swacker is listed in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America.  He holds a B.A.  (Economics) from Union College, a Juris. Doctor from the University of Virginia and a LL.M. (International Law) from New York University, Graduate School of Law.

Press & Media Contact:
Frank Warren Swacker
Frank Warren Swacker, Esq
St. Petersburg, FL - USA
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International Lawyer Frank Warren Swacker Includes his Stageplays in Appendix of his Enhanced E-Book

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