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Driving School Can Be Serious Fun


(Free Press Release) As you glance down at your speedometer, you realize that as your mind was out gathering wool, your foot decided all by itself that it was heavy and started pushing down on accelerator.

Driving School Can Be Serious Fun


Nothing can spoil the drive home from work more effectively than realizing that the State Trooper with his lights on is actually trying to get you to pull over, a fact that you realize just short of him getting close enough to push you off the road. As you glance down at your speedometer, you realize that as your mind was out gathering wool, your foot decided all by itself that it was heavy and started pushing down on accelerator.

Unfortunately, the Trooper believes your sad story almost as much as he believes in the Tooth Fairy and in exchange for a close look at your license, registration and insurance card, proudly presents you with and invitation to attend traffic court. At the bottom of which, should be a reminder that you should arrive in court accompanied by a fat wallet so that you can take care of your tab when the judge is done with you.

On a more serious note the number of Texans earning speeding tickets is on the rise as the State Troopers are getting far sneakier about the ways in which they set up their speed traps. If you don’t want a ticket then don't drive over the speed limit, that takes care of about ten percent of those getting ticketed, for the rest of us the thrill of driving lies in getting away with creating our own speed limits and for the most part we are willing to pay the price.

What the judge may or may not tell you when you show up in traffic court is that you can get out of paying the fines and having points added to your driver's license by attending an accredited defensive driving school. You may even find that the mean ole judge will tell this after you have paid your ticket. Of course if you are one of those people with a serious case of lead foot and have enough points accumulated to qualify for a six month bus pass, the judge is more likely to remind you that can avoid the fuel efficient, yet singularly unpleasant daily ritual by going to traffic school.

Wait a minute, you say you have already been there and done that? About 4 years ago you went to a state sponsored traffic school and it took 6 months of visiting your chiropractor to get the crick out of your neck you got from trying so hard not to fall asleep or at least not look like you were asleep as the instructor mumbled his way through the class. Yes the old school defensive driving classes could be incredibly boring and leave you with permanent desk imprints on your face.

There is just no way that you want to put yourself through that kind of nightmare again, but faced with the prospect of the bus for six months, you really don't have a choice in the matter or do you? Just because you went to a traffic school that made going to the Opera seem like having a good time, does not mean that all classes are the same. In fact you will find that it is possible to have so much fun in defensive driving school that you start looking for a reason to go back, well maybe not but at the same time there is no reason why your classes have to work better than chamomile tea as a sleep aid.

This is exactly how we feel at the Comedy Driving School and we decided that it was up to us to do something about it. We already knew that everyone learns far better if they are wide awake and having fun than they do if keeping their eyelids propped up is the only thing on their minds. Speaking of minds, we put ours together and came up with the idea of taking everything in the defensive driving school manual and rewriting it to be funny. While the skills taught are no laughing matter, we present them in such a way that you are still likely to be laughing about the class months after you have completed your sentence.

All of the information we present in the defensive driving courses taught at the Comedy Driving School is fully accredited by the State of Texas and the Texas Board of Education. Once you complete our classroom or online course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can show to the courts and get rid of your fine and those pesky points on your license.

Driving School Can Be Serious Fun

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