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Getting Sentenced to Defensive Driving School Can be Fun


(Free Press Release) Comedy Defensive Driving state-approved defensive driving, traffic school, interactive or online Defensive Driving Course with NO reading! Online Defensive Driving courses Driver's safety certificates good for any court, including Austin, Richardson, Mesquite, Houston, & San Antonio. Or take a live defensive driving class in Texas taught by comedians in the Dallas & Fort Worth area.

Getting Sentenced to Defensive Driving School Can be Fun


There are many reasons why you might find yourself added to the list of attendees signed up for a defensive driving school. In all but a few rare cases, very few of us make this decision because we want to sit in chair that was made for the Inquisition listening to an instructor that make our high school history teacher sound interesting. Quite the contrary, you will find that 99% of everyone sitting in on one of these classes is there because they made the mistake of violating at least one of the rules of the road in front of the man.

As everyone knows, traffic laws were made to be broken, especially those that have to do with how slow you can drive, or at least they are when Officer Friendly is not sitting in his black and white watching you. Sadly far too many of us fail to see him sitting in his cruiser until it is too late and end up having to respond to his gentle knock on our driver's side window. This always leads to a very polite conversation about the weather and the exchange of the information on your driver's license for a ticket that is not going to get you into the governor's ball.

Now admit it, you didn't really need to be flying at 50,000 feet in a no flying zone, but the coffee hut was closing in ten minutes and you just had to have you morning cup of java. Now you have a fat speeding ticket and you never did get your coffee that day. And if this isn't bad enough the county clerk has referred your ticket to the local traffic court.  Now to add insult to injury, when it is your turn to stand before The Man, he looks at your rather thick traffic file and gets and evil grin on his face as he "sentences" you to traffic school.

Having such a thick file means that at some time in your storied past, you have probably already been to at least one defensive driving school. Judges often offer this as an alternative to paying your fines and being assessed points on your license. The problem is that if you repeatedly avoided going to school in favor of saving yourself the agony and paying your fines, there is going to come a point where you either go to school or you learn to like taking the bus.

The last time you "voluntarily" attended a defensive driving school the only thing that stopped your from hurting yourself when you fell asleep was the fact that you were lucky enough that your head hit your hands before hitting the desk. However, you still have not lived down the embarrassing hollow clunk your head made when it did hit the desk.

Your memories include materials that looked like they were new in the 50s and the instructor sounded like he is the one who taught Ben Stein how to talk. What a nightmare! There is no way that you can deal with another six hours like that. There has to be a better way to take the class you need to have in order to keep your license.

You are in luck as the Comedy Defensive Driving School was born out of the sheer frustration that the founders had with the traffic schools that were out there. No one should have to suffer such cruel and inhuman punishment just for having a lead foot. At least that is our firm belief, so we set out to create an all new type of traffic school that would be unlike any that had ever been seen in Texas before. While a driving offense is serious and no laughing matter; learning how to be a better driver doesn't have to be a drag.

Our classes are intended to be fun, as we have put together a team of comedians and paid them in banana skins to write the material for all of our online and offline classes. The information in our classes is the same as that which you would get in any defensive driving school; the only real difference is in the delivery. Our instructors come into class straight out of the Improv or at least a comedy club similar to it. When you have to attend traffic school, come to a class put on by the Comedy Defensive Driving School and laugh your way out of your tickets.

Getting Sentenced to Defensive Driving School Can be Fun

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