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Paying the Price Does Not Have to Hurt


(Free Press Release) At this point the only thing you are concerned about is explaining to your boss why you are late for work again and how you are going to pay your latest fine.

Paying the Price Does Not Have to Hurt


Your teenage daughter decided to pick today to turn the bathroom into her private phone booth, the baby sitter was late and now thanks to a longer than usual line at your favorite coffee shack, you are running incredibly late for work.  So to make up for lost time your foot is feeling a little heavy on the gas pedal. The last thing you needed was the sound of the siren call in your ears as your friendly police officer decided that you were going to be late for work today no matter how hard you tried to avoid it.

Since this has become somewhat of a routine occurrence, you know better than to waste his time or yours (which you really don't have) trying to explain why you found it necessary to be cruising across town like you was trying to win at Daytona. Well maybe 50 mph in a 30 mph zone is not quite Daytona but you are still going to get a ticket to the winners or are that the losers circle. This being so you have your license, registration and insurance ready by the time he gets to your car and in a few minutes are on your way with yet another ticket in hand.

At this point the only thing you are concerned about is explaining to your boss why you are late for work again and how you are going to pay your latest fine. However, when you go down to the courthouse, you get a nasty shock, not only do have a hefty fine to pay, but you now have more points than your license can sustain and the judge tells you that you can either face a six month suspension or make arrangements to attend a defensive driving school.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, you know you are going to have to spend six or more hours being driven slowly insane sitting in a hot, stuffy classroom listening to a guy that would be the perfect cure for insomnia drone on and on. The idea of trying to prop up your eyelids with toothpicks for six hours does not thrill you, but then again when compared to taking public transportation for the next six months, the choice is obvious.

Hold on! Before you go running off for an all day supply of Red Bull, there is a new kid on the block when it comes to defensive driving schools. At Comedy Defensive Driving we already know what it is like to go to one of those "other" classes; we have already done our time in the trenches and can show you the scars from where our heads kept hitting the desk. On a more serious note, we want you to put away the Red Bull and grab a whoopee cushion instead.

Most of us love a good joke and with our classes the joke is really on the courts who still think that they are sentencing you to 6 hours of pure purgatory for your sins. Instead we are going to have the last laugh. Just because you are a captive audience does not mean that we can't have a little fun. We went out and hired a handful of funny guys; no seriously we hired a team of professional comedians to help us design our defensive driving courses.

Our classes are designed to take advantage of  the fact that most of us learn far more when we are wide awake and having a good time in class than when we are sitting there praying that the sound of our heads hitting the desk does not sound too much like a ripe watermelon. To take this one step further, once all of the material was written, we actually hired several stand-up comedians to work as instructors in our classrooms and our online courses. No, we couldn't get Letterman to do it and Conan said his hair wouldn't fit through the door, but the guys we did get will have you sitting in your seat with tears rolling down your cheeks.

The whole point is that we here at Comedy Defensive Driving understand two things; one is that you would rather be anywhere else then driving school and two that everyone learns better with laughter. Both our traditional classroom courses and our online courses are fully recognized and accredited by the states of Florida and Texas and might be just the ticket to get you out of paying yours and losing you license to the points monster.

Paying the Price Does Not Have to Hurt

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