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The Relevance of Overseas Education Consultants in Today’s World


(Free Press Release) Studying abroad is a matter of in-depth analysis and needs you to think on various aspects before selecting a country, course, and the institution. There can be hundreds of questions that you need an answer to.

The Relevance of Overseas Education Consultants in Today’s World


Studying abroad is a matter of in-depth analysis and needs you to think on various aspects before selecting a country, course, and the institution. There can be hundreds of questions that you need an answer to. Where to study, what course would be perfect, which institution would be right, and what is the process of getting education visa? Besides these common questions, you should also have some amount of knowledge about the living expenses, lifestyle, and everything related to your education and stay.

Also, information about the admission procedure, education system, scholarships, accommodation, landscape, economy, and politics is crucial. Though the availability of internet has made it possible to collect abundant information on different issues, there are some specific issues that you fail to fetch an answer to.

Since every student is different, carrying his/her own dreams, it’s not necessary that a piece of advice given on a website relevant to you. No, definitely not. The advice or suggestion should be according to your needs and situation, economic and academic. There is where you need the assistance of expert overseas education consultants.

A professional consultant knows the education system of the country you are going to take a flight for? He/she also helps you select the right university, course, and career path. A consultant helps you with the process of applying for visas and admission applications.

You will see a number of consultant agencies have sprouted in the market, but picking the right one always a messy task. So, you better stay away from the pseudo agents laying traps for innocent students by falsely promising unrealistic and lucrative offers.

So, how would you find the right agency?

Given the facts, AECC Global, a leading migration and education consultancy, has, recently, published some tips to save the students from being misguided by the fake consultants and agencies. Below are given some excerpts from the guide offered by the agency:

Registration of the Agency: At first, you need to check the record of the agency before deciding to seek the help. It’s mandatory for the agencies to get registration from the concerned authorities validating their skills and expertise.

Knowledge and Expertise: No matter whether you are going to work and study in Australia or any other country, the education consultant you have chosen should have knowledge and skills of the education system of the country. Ensure that you expert knows the top institution, courses, the market condition, and job opportunities.

Check Testimonials: You can’t get a better way of measuring the agent’s skills and professionalism than reading out the testimonials of the previous students uploaded on his/her website. At least, you will get an idea of the quality of services the agency offers.

Clarify Your Doubts: Good Australian education consultants are honest and always willing to assist candidates in sorting out their queries. They are open to listen to your problems patiently and clarify your doubts.

Besides that, they provide insight of the lifestyle, living expenses, environment, and favourable cities for international students.

About AECC Global

AECC Global is one of the leading internationally recognised education consultancies and agencies spread over 9 Countries and 25 Offices. The agency stands firm as professional, honest, an effective, innovative and trustworthy guide to support the entry and success of international students into Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. You can contact the agency at:

AECC Global

5th Floor Sunrise Bizz Park, Kamal Pokhari Marg, Charkhal, Dillibazar-33, Kathmandu, Nepal



9:30 AM - 5:30 PM



The Relevance of Overseas Education Consultants in Today’s World

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