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3D Walkthrough for Homex Apartments – by Blitz Architectural 3D Studio


(Free Press Release) Blitz Architectural 3D Studio, a 3D Rendering Company based in India providing quality 3D Rendering Services across the globe, has released their most recent Architectural 3D Animation for Homex Apartments, a project by Homex Kenya LTD.

3D Walkthrough for Homex Apartments – by Blitz Architectural 3D Studio



15 March 2013 Recently, Blitz Architectural 3D Studio designed an Architectural 3D Walkthrough for one of their clients Homex Kenya Ltd. The 3D Walkthrough was for their project Homex Apartments which is based in Kenya offers high end luxurious living.

After remarkable efforts put in by a very efficient team at Blitz Architectural 3D Studio, the final walkthrough has effectively shown all the modern amenities that are offered at Homex Apartments. A sixty seconds movie starting with an aerial view gives a fascinating sight of the surroundings and the thirteen blocks of the apartments.

It was only after working on all the architectural plans provided by client, giving absolute attention towards minute details and creating a perfect 3D Modeling of the property, the team was successful in delivering the walkthrough as people at Homex Kenya had planned. Speaking to the owner of Homex Apartments Mr. Samuel Njoroge said “We had planned this project with a great value and were expecting a good response from the buyers, and with the kind of work that the team at Blitz 3D Walkthrough Studio had delivered it helped us a lot to achieve our target. I am very thankful to them for putting that extra effort in realizing our vision. ”

There were many different materials, textures, lightings and other details that had to be considered in designing the Architectural 3D Animation and after looking at the final product it seems like this people at Blitz does have that artistic imagination that is required to visualize a large project depending on the plans and other details.

Not only the exteriors but the interiors as well are very well presented and the three dimensional effect does give that real-life experience to the ride across the whole property. The Club House which is one of the amenities is also shown with excellent details and animation that can be seen with people in the pool or kids playing in the park or even with people working out at the gym.

It was a well planned process of developing the walkthrough by the team at Blitz Architectural 3D studio, starting with preparation of storyboard then moving on to developing the camera path, putting textures, lightings, etc. Apart from the team of 3D Artists, the Voiceover team also did an excellent job. Giving the walkthrough that extra life is the Voiceover, which is well written and equally well recorded, describing the property with elegance.

In the end, it was a delightful journey of a residential apartment project that we experienced through a well executed Architectural Walkthrough by Blitz Architectural 3D Studio.


3D Walkthrough for Homex Apartments – by Blitz Architectural 3D Studio

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