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Insulated Wire & Cable to 2017


(Free Press Release) Bharatbook.com announces a new report on Insulated Wire & Cable to 2017 which demand for insulated wire and cable is projected to increase 5.8 percent per year through 2017 to $29.2 billion, recovering from declines during the 2007-2012 period.

Insulated Wire & Cable to 2017



June 29, ,2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Insulated Wire & Cable to 2017' Building construction will offer the best opportunities for advances, due to a rebound in housing starts. In addition, faster gains in motor vehicle production and the need to upgrade the aging US power transmission and distribution network will drive wire and cable demand.

Demand for infrastructure improvements to spur gains in telecommunications
The telecommunications industry, which utilizes a vast array of wire and cable products, was the leading market for insulated wire and cable in 2012. Through 2017, growth in the number of electronic devices utilizing wireless technology will dampen demand for cable used to connect devices. However, as the number of devices grows, the computing power of the telecommunications infrastructure will need to increase. This will require the construction of new data centers and wireless cellular towers, both of which are heavy users of insulated wire and cable. In addition, further investment in last-mile infrastructure upgrades by telecommunications providers will stimulate advances.

Fiber optic cable is a vital component of the telecommunications market. After bottoming out in 2003, demand for fiber optic cable picked up at a rapid rate as telecommunications providers invested heavily in laying a fiber optic network to deliver data, television, and voice signals to consumers. The majority of this backbone infrastructure was installed during the past decade. As a result, although fiber optic cable demand will continue to record strong growth, demand will moderate through the forecast period. The bulk of demand gains going forward will come from last-mile applications, which are still primarily comprised of copper coaxial cable.

Building wire & cable to exhibit most rapid gains
Building wire and cable accounted for the largest share of product demand in 2012. Building wire and cable finds usage in nearly all residential and nonresidential structures. As a result, the recovering US construction industry will cause demand for building wire and cable to increase at the fastest rate. Specifically, growth in the number of new housing units will provide the bulk of demand gains, although heightened construction levels of commercial, lodging, and office buildings will also stimulate advances.

Power wire and cable comprised a large share of total wire and cable demand. Through 2017, demand for power wire and cable will result from upgrades to the current power transmission and distribution network. In addition, superconducting wire, which offers a number of technological improvements, will also see greater use. Electronic wire and cable demand will be spurred by advances in the telecommunications market, as well as by the turnaround in electronic equipment shipments.

Study coverage
Details on these and other findings are contained in the upcoming Freedonia industry study, Insulated Wire & Cable, priced at $4900. It presents historical demand data (2002, 2007, 2012) plus forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by material, product, and market. In addition, this study assesses key market environment factors, examines the industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 30 US industry players, including Coleman Cable, Encore Wire, General Cable, LS Corporation, Marmon Group, Prysmian and Southwire.

Table of contents :




General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 5
Construction Expenditures 8
Fixed Investment Trends 10
Manufacturing Outlook 13
Technological Trends 17
Fiber Optics 17
Multiplex Wiring 19
Telecommunications Technology 19
Superconductivity 20
Historical Market Trends 21
Pricing Patterns 24
Regulatory Factors 27
International Environment 29
World Supply & Demand 30
US Foreign Trade 32
Imports 33
Exports 35

General 38
Metals 40
Copper 41
Aluminum & Other Metals 44
Plastics 46
Polyethylene 48
Polyvinyl Chloride 49
Polypropylene 50
Thermoplastic Elastomers 50
Nylon 51
Fluoropolymers & Other Plastics 52
Optical Fibers 52

General 54
Building Wire & Cable 56
Thermoplastic Insulated 60
Thermoset Insulated 61
Other 61
Power Wire & Cable 62
Underground Distribution 65
Portable 67
Other 68
Electronic Wire & Cable 69
Coaxial 72
Multiconductor 74
Other 76
Fiber Optic Cable 77
Single-Mode 81
Multimode 82
Apparatus Wire & Cordage 83
Flexible Cordage 85
Appliance Wire 86
Other 86
Primary, Ignition, & Battery Wire & Cable 87
Magnet Wire 89
Other Wire & Cable Products 91

General 95
Telecommunications 97
Telecommunications Equipment Industry Overview 98
Insulated Wire & Cable Demand 102
Backbone 105
Last-Mile 106
Other 108
Electrical Equipment 108
Electrical Equipment Industry Overview 108
Insulated Wire & Cable Demand 111
Power & Transmission Equipment 112
Other Electrical Equipment 114
Construction 116
Residential Construction Expenditures 116
Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 118
Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures 120
Insulated Wire & Cable Demand 122
Residential 124
Nonresidential 125
Nonbuilding 126
Motor Vehicles 126
Motor Vehicle Industry Overview 127
Insulated Wire & Cable Demand 130
Industrial Machinery & Equipment 134
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Industry Overview 135
Insulated Wire & Cable Demand 136
Other Markets 138

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Insulated Wire & Cable to 2017

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