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Dreambox is press releases just for the general public to see how to,sneak peek,evaluation,and also the various other


(Free Press Release) After Following Right after Soon after Immediately after b Dreambox b Here is the will be the second product item from Dream Multimedia Box The Dreambox 800SE that first

Dreambox is press releases just for the general public to see how to,sneak peek,evaluation,and also the various other


After Dreambox Here will be the second item from Dream Multimedia Box: The Dreambox 800SE that very first gem, it has an HDMI port, just like the little brother. The novelty is most striking will be the new color screen, but above all not to be underestimated are all out there connection that we will investigate later in this mini review of the final version Dreambox 800SE. The package is comparable to all of the brothers HD, black. One can find no cables for connection of the challenging disk because there is a fixed connector (just like the one discovered in laptops). DM 800SE is aesthetically highly breathtaking and nice ... the material employed for the case is comparable to that Dreambox 500HD, or glossy black plastic. The color screen of Dreambox is genuinely nice, though smaller, is clearly legible even from a distance. The box is black, at the very least for now, the dimensions have changed over 800 very first series: is three cm extra 'wide and 0.5 Are are two USB ports, an eSATA connector , a connector for digital S / PDIF and mini usb''service''which will be the com port RS32 (so this time there is no need to have for any hardware changes). This seems to be the remedy lastly adopted by the DMM, also because serial ports are not generally present on new PCs.Opening the box we can instantly notice the fan to cool the decoder.Il support for challenging drives, as I stated, has something new: the eSATA connector for connecting the disk is now integrated directly into the slot. This can entirely remove the standard red wire and cables for power.Now for the actual testing the first factor you notice will be the speed of the boot along with the the remote control.The multimedia part responds genuinely well I tried and MKV files function dreambox perfectly DVX along with the mink is fluid .The video good quality of this model is of superb good quality for both SD and HD channels. Surely there is room for improvement for the future, given that we're the highly very first firmware.I improved figures compared to the previous box is certainly as a result of the presence of the HDMI port that eliminates , the 800SE along with the 500HD or the DMM, which are the future: I have no doubt in saying that the 800SE is greatest at everything. Additionally to that I note that I personally find it absurd to take a Box (I speak of the 500HD) that now will need to be amended, inter alia, with additional expenses and void the warranty due to the difficulty to the USB port.Now I can not do to others also because no one knows however precisely the cost dell'800SE ...... for being the final version of the box in my possession I have not had the opportunity

Dreambox is press releases just for the general public to see how to,sneak peek,evaluation,and also the various other

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