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Writer Inspired on Facebook to Publish New Peace Book

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(Free Press Release) Responses to writer’s inspirational Facebook posts result in book of ideas and insights for life balance and personal peace.

Writer Inspired on Facebook to Publish New Peace Book


Columbia, SC (USA), March 02, 2012 -- When Cynthia Legette Davis ( http://www.peaceinus.net ) began posting inspirational messages for her Facebook friends in 2010, little did she know the posts would wind up as a book. But that’s exactly what happened.  The inspirational Facebook posts now make up Davis’ newest book entitled, Peace Tips for Life, and subtitled, Ideas and Inspiration for Personal Peace.

"I originally wrote the messages for myself," Davis says. "Although they were initially for my spiritual growth and benefit, I always knew they were meant to be shared to also encourage others. I thought, ‘What better way than on Facebook?"’

Davis says she began posting the messages as "peace tips"—ones she had written over the years and new ones she wrote that year—on her Facebook page. She did that three to five times a week throughout most of 2010.

Along the way, she started a Facebook group entitled "Peace in Us," through which to better share the peace tips with interested Facebook friends. Within less than two weeks, nearly 500 people had joined the group. Within a few months, the "Peace in Us" group had grown to more than 1200 people who wanted to receive the peace tips.

"Throughout that year, I received so many messages from my Facebook friends saying how much the peace tips meant to them and encouraged them," Davis says. "By the end of that year, I was inspired to compile them into a book. I knew a book would enable me to share the peace tips with even more people in a bigger way." Davis says she doesn’t know if she would have compiled the peace tips into a book had it not been for the encouragement she received from her Facebook friends.

Peace Tips for Life was recently published as a gift-sized book packed with nearly 200 thought-provoking inspirational messages for people seeking more peace and balance in their lives. Davis says many of the ideas are not necessarily new, but offer different insights and perspectives on familiar ideas about personal peace.

"I believe we know deep inside what to do in life to have peace. God is constantly revealing it to us, but sometimes we’re too busy to hear or sometimes we simply forget," Davis says. "Peace Tips for Life is, therefore, a book of reminders—inspirational memory joggers for us all."

Peace Tips for Life sells for $9.95 and is available at Amazon.com and on Davis’ website, http://www.peaceinus.net .

About Cynthia Legette Davis:
Cynthia Legette Davis is a nationally recognized writer and author who considers it her life's work to promote personal peace. As an entrepreneur, she creates and provides products and services to help people enjoy more peace and balance in their lives. Davis is author of several additional books on personal peace and presents related workshops, seminars and keynote speeches. She can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Press & Media Contact:
Cynthia Legette Davis
Columbia, SC - USA
Off : 803-931-8078
Cell: 803-397-2696
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Writer Inspired on Facebook to Publish New Peace Book

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