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Newly Released Book Explores Spiritual Teachings with Practical Exercises

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(Free Press Release) Messages from your Soul Conversations with DZAR Book 1, by Mary O’Brien and Gary O’Brien, is now Amazon bestseller.

Newly Released Book Explores Spiritual Teachings with Practical Exercises


(NewPressRelease.com) According to Mary O’Brien and Gary O’Brien, co-authors of best selling book, titled – “Messages From Your Soul” is an insightful resources for those looking for more meaning  and joy in their lives as well as a stronger feeling of their connection to Spirit and their Soul.


The book includes a number of practical Processes and a special Meditation of Connection which will support its readers to create a stronger connection to their essence and to hear the messages from the inner soul for a life of greater joy, flow and true abundance.


This book will take readers on a deep inward journey where they can expect:

A deeper understanding and experience of the link between their physical sense of self and their Soul

to feel differently about difficulties in their lives i.e. relationships, feelings of self worth and general stress or anxiety


Mary O’Brien says, “It’s wonderful to know that this information is having such a powerful impact on people’s lives and being an Amazon bestseller is just the icing on the cake!”


The book is written with the intention to share the spiritual message with practical approach and to create the awareness about how we are all connected to each other and to the planet and to live in greater harmony and joy.


“My personal journey with this work has been profound as things keep happening that I’d only ever dreamed of. From pretty humble beginnings, I'm now a bestselling author traveling the world and it’s all happened because of the information that’s in the book for everyone to read and use,” says Gary O’Brien.


They have a weekly radio show, “Conversations with DZAR” on A2Zen.fm Radio Thursdays @ 10pm USA East coast time. The bestselling book has also received an honorable mention at the Los Angeles Book Festival Awards at http://www.losangelesbookfestival.com/


As one of the readers, Maureen says, “The book is unbelievably powerful and if the readers complete the meditations and reflections when DZAR suggests, they will experience many ah-ha moments and insights. Many times I had to stop and re-read the page or paragraph, because of the impact it made.”


To reach to out Mary O'Brien and Gary O'Brien for book interviews, seminar bookings or to discuss a daily or weekly column in newspaper or magazine, please visit - http://www.thepathofdzar.com/, and feel free to email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The bestselling book "Messages From Your Soul" is available at http://www.thepathofdzar.com/shop/bookshop/, and trusted online book stores like Amazon.com.



Mary and Gary O’Brien are bestselling authors who share the messages brought forward by DZAR, a group of compassionate Energies from All That Is. DZAR is an expansive Energy from the Spirit realm. They are an expression of the Divine, of the creative consciousness that pervades our universe.


Mary and Gary O’Brien have over 20 years experience working with people to create change in their lives. Since 2008 they have become the vehicle for the message channelled from Spirit called The Path of DZAR.


Based in Australia, they offer Private Readings, Workshops and events in many countries as well as online courses.


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Newly Released Book Explores Spiritual Teachings with Practical Exercises

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