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The Future of High-Tech Cars and Automobiles


(Free Press Release) After peeking into the past let us jump into the future and make some predictions of our own, let’s see how much on the mark we can be in predicting the shapes of the future vehicles.

The Future of High-Tech Cars and Automobiles


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Want a good laugh? Try for a few seconds hoping on the internet and you won’t stop laughing after watching the images and clippings of the cars that were predicted to be used by everyone in the twenty first century. It is so funny to look at the images and drawings of what people back then thought automobiles would look like. Gladly we are not driving anything like that, which included the sketches of some messed up creation, looked like hot air balloons and bicycles. Something which was always constant while predicting the future of these automobiles was that it was never correct and always off the mark.

Flying Cars-

You need to get over with the cliché that one day you will be able to drive flying cars. That’s not going to happen anytime sooner, at least not in the next 100 years. Technology does not limit us neither do, we are unable to create a flying vehicle. It is only because of the safety measures. We cannot handle the traffic on the ground at present. How would you possibly think of managing the traffic up there in the skies? There are so many reports of car crashes and accidents on a daily basis around the globe. Currently we are driving in only two dimensions forward and backward, if you will add other dimensions in it, up and down how do you think you can regulate it? It will become more confusing for the car drivers and will result in a massive increase of deaths, injuries and accidents.

Automatic Cars-

What about typing the name of your destination in your flying car system and your car would directly take you to that place? Then there would be no human error. And of course it is a valid point. Coming back into the real world, we know that such technology doesn’t exist currently; you can watch it in movies or can imagine it in your head only. Even when technology will let us make such vehicles, they would be extremely expensive. There would be a huge economic difference between the people who could afford to drive flying cars and the ones who couldn’t.

Traffic in the Skies-

Besides all this, the traffic in the skies is regulated by the federal government, and the paths and routes of airplanes are planned and decided well ahead by the officials. These officials keep a record of everything flying in the skies. If you are planning to add automobiles to it too, then the traffic will become really nasty. Traffic controllers have to face extreme problems which will be caused by all this mess.

So let’s avoid getting into all such complications and keep it simple and affordable. The future of high-tech automobiles is not anywhere in the skies, it's right here on the grounds where they currently are. So let’s not raise our hopes and dream big. Even if, one day they will make it to the sky, it won’t seem to be anytime sooner, at least not in next few years.

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The Future of High-Tech Cars and Automobiles

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