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Czech Singing Artist on First U.S. Concert Tour

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(Free Press Release) Gabriela had been studying the voice via Skype with Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin in California. Student Gunčíková did her part of the lessons from the Czech Republic. Using Webcams and internet technology.

Czech Singing Artist on First U.S. Concert Tour


(NewPressRelease.com - free press release distributionHuntington Beach, January 12, 2015.Czech Republic Singing Artist Gabriela Gunčíková, known on stage as Gabriela Gunn, has been on her first Concert Tour of the United States, beginning in the fall of 2014.  Gabriela has several videos on YouTube and has been working to break out into the U.S. and world music scene for some time.

Gabriela had been studying the voice via Skype with Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin in California.  Student Gunčíková did her part of the lessons from the Czech Republic.  Using Webcams and internet technology to bridge the distance between them, Tamplin and Gunčíková worked together to bring her voice up to its present level. Tamplin then featured these Skype voice lessons with Gabriela on his YouTube channel.

Early in 2014, Coach Tamplin received a telephone call from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  “They were interested in auditioning Gabriela for a role in the TSO to tour the United States in Fall/Winter 2014/2015.  TSO had seen some of my videos of Gabriela on YouTube, and they felt that she might be a good fit for the TSO’s upcoming Concert Tour Season,” stated Tamplin.

The Trans-SiberianOrchestra is a progressive rock band in the United States, and has been touring since 1999.  Their second album, Christmas in the Attic, has become standard fare for radio airplay every year at the holiday season.  Trans-Siberian Orchestra has sold more than 10 million concert tickets and 10 million albums.

The audition with TSO was a success for Gabriela, and she has been getting rave reviews from Coast-to-Coast as she tours the United States. She has been a hit with the audiences and with the TSO.  Chances are good that she may be asked to take part in the TSO’s future yearly tours.

Gunčíková was a finalist in the Czech version of American Idol, called Superstar.She also won the “New Artist” award at the 2011 Českýslavík awards (similar to an American Grammy Award).

Gabriela has numerous YouTube Videos, including her cover of  Love Hurts by Nazareth (with nearly two million views), Fool For Your Loving by Whitesnake, The Pretender by Foo Fighters, and several more, totaling several million views.

Gunčíková’s opportunity to be in a concert tour of the U.S. was a dream-come-true. She hopes this is only the beginning of a long career of concert tours and recordings. According to Gabriela“None of this would have been possible without the help and coaching from my good friend, Ken Tamplin.”

For more information: http://kentamplinvocalacademy.com/

Czech Singing Artist on First U.S. Concert Tour

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