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J Metro Comes in at Number 12 on Billboard Charts

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(Free Press Release) J Metro does it again with his single Bodyguard as he charts at number 12 on the hot single sales charts!.

J Metro Comes in at Number 12 on Billboard Charts


(NewPressRelease.com - free press release distributionHouston, TX, Jan 07, 2015 -- J Metro released his latest single "Bodyguard" in, November of 2014, through The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment Distribution Platform. Since its release J has been on the hot single sales chart by billboard, first peaking at number 21 and now as of January 1, 2015, he came in at number 12 on that same chart. With an increase in sales and potential buzz this artist has been on a continued reach of success and more.


J Metro has been doing several interviews, and media related appearances as of lately! He is also expected to attend this years Grammy's  in Los Angeles, CA. As he continues to rise with this record, he is surely expected to break into the industry in a major way. Several radio stations have picked up the record and it is expected to hit major fm markets for 2015.


Jimmie (J Metro) Moore is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Poet based in Houston Texas. Jimmie L Moore Jr. began his musical training at the age of 5 with individual piano and voice lessons, group musicianship skills were also learned at a young age when in middle school he learned to play the trombone participating in concert and marching band as well as joined several academic and community choral ensembles. Jimmie Moore received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition with primary instruments in Piano performance and Vocal Performance from Morehouse College in 2006.


While a Funk/Soul/Jazz base exists, you may recognize influences from nearly every musical genre known to man in his Self-titled debut album “J Metro” which was released on January 25th 2011 featuring the Billboard singles “Alcoholic Logic” and “My People”


With the release of his new single awaiting listeners and fans, J Metro has set the bar high for himself with "Bodyguard". The record portrays a new feel and sound for R&B music, as it makes you relive what old school melodies use to be. J has been doing nonstop interviews and promotions gearing up for the release of the single, soon to be garnering blogs and music sites to attract more attention for this record that many believe is his breakout song as an artist.


When asked what can we expect from him in the future he had this to say, "I will be releasing an EP, and soon a full album. I just want eveting to be right and make a bigger impact first, to see how people react to my music and my sound. I know people will love my music they just have to listen first."


Since partnering with Spaced Out Magazine J Metro has become the center of attention in Houston, TX. The city begins to support him more and more, as he could very well be the next big thing out of Houston for R&B. The powerhouse media company has been building the buzz of J Metro and taking him from independent to mainstream.


For More Information: Rueben Wood, Spaced Out Magazine, 404-673-1180

J Metro Comes in at Number 12 on Billboard Charts

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