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PB Millionaire's "Dancing" Video Goes Viral

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(Free Press Release) Becomes Talk Of The Town In Pacific Beach.

PB Millionaire's "Dancing" Video Goes Viral


San Diego, CA, June 20, 2011 -- A just released new video titled, “The PB Millionaire Presents PB,” is the talk of the town here in Pacific Beach. The video, which showcases PB and its hot spots, is hosted by Jim Lawlor - locally known as the “PB Millionaire.” But what attracts so many viewers is not the beautiful scenery of PB, nor the various clubs that are featured, but Lawlor’s dance moves.

Lawlor seems to be a natural born comedian. About two thirds the way through the video, Lawlor is shown trying to get a date with a mannequin in a store window along Garnet Avenue. He, of course, gets “no response” from what he calls “the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life.” Feeling dejected, he resorts to cheering himself on the dance floor at Beachwood – a popular nightclub in PB. And it’s that dancing that’s causing all the buzz. Lawlor’s self-effacing humor leaves some viewers wondering if he really dances like that. But Lawlor doesn't seem to mind. “I think as long as they are entertained – that’s all that matters,” Lawlor says.

(Watch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7o67dqoD_8)

As shown in the beginning of the video, Lawlor soon ran out of money after moving here and was forced to sleep in his car on several occasions and he even slept under the Crystal Pier in PB. Although college educated, Lawlor had to paint houses “as a means to get by.” Serendipitously, while painting a house one day, he came up with the idea to protect his eyes from the painful sting of spray paint, that eventually made him a millionaire.

Lawlor is the star of the soon-to-be-released, “PB Reality Show” (www.pbreality.com), which portrays his unique life-style as a self-made millionaire “living the California Dream.” He is also sponsoring the Miss Pacific Beach Contest to be held at PB Bar and Grill on September 14th this year, which will also be a part of the show.

His new Youtube video was featured on the “PB Reality Show’s” Facebook fan page on Friday morning. By the same time the next day, the video had hit over 1600 views and counting. Many local residents, also on Facebook, saw the video and began sharing it with their Facebook friends. And that is what caused the video to get so many views so quickly. Some of those on Facebook left comments about the video: “Jimmy the dancing machine!” – wrote Richard. Ariel wrote, “That is some funny ass sh*#! Thanks for the laughs.” Sonia wrote, “I luv it, can't wait to see the show in 2012.” Marissa wrote, “Really cool to see this from you Jim!!!”

The average video on Youtube gets slightly less than one view per day. For a video to obtain 1600 views in the first day alone is rather extraordinary. Lawlor is ecstatic about the enormous response to his video: “It is a wonderfully gratifying experience to know that you've entertained someone in some way. You've lightened their day and perhaps made them forget, for at least a little while, their problems.”

Liza Faith
PB Reality Show
841 Turquoise St., Suite E
San Diego, CA 92109
Tel: 858 822-8693
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Web: http://www.pbreality.com

PB Millionaire's "Dancing" Video Goes Viral

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