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DrawPeople.org Website Is Live And Ready To Assist New As Well As Experienced Artists Grasp The Skill Of Drawing People

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(Free Press Release) Brand new website completely centered on the skill of drawing people. Provides resources and instructions regarding how to draw people, portrait drawing, caricature sketching, figure drawing, cartoon drawing, manga drawing, and more.

DrawPeople.org Website Is Live And Ready To Assist New As Well As Experienced Artists Grasp The Skill Of Drawing People


Broadlands, VA, April 11, 2011: www.DrawPeople.org, a new artist-focused website completely focused on the methods of drawing people, is live and ready to provide instruction to artists both new and experienced. The site includes a growing list of resources, articles, and instruction on the proven methods utilized by experienced artists to draw people, including portraits, caricatures, cartoons, and much more. Many of the step-by-step instructions are foundations used by the sites lead artists and instructor, Ashley Mia, who has been teaching students to draw people for years.

For any artist who wants to learn how to draw people, DrawPeople.org should be their immediate next destination. This includes new or skilled artists, and they will each find resources that can help them in their journey to improve their skills in drawing people, whether it be portraits, cartoons, or the specific skill associated with figure drawing. They can begin by downloading the free ebook on the site - “How to Draw People”, which goes in depth into methods used by artist for years to achieve a basic proficiency to understand the human figure and translating it into sketches and art.

Experienced artists will discover articles as well as resources which go more in depth into the finer aspects of drawing the human body, such as the latest methods being used in the field. More detailed topics around drawing people are discussed as well, such as how to draw the human face, how to draw eyes, how to draw hands, and much more. Artists interested in specialized areas such as drawing cartoons or portraits, or even the highly popular style of manga cartoons is also discussed in various articles.

There are a wealth of items, instruction, and training available to artists these days, and thus another primary focus of the website is product critiques. DrawPeople.org does regular evaluations on new or popular items on the market available to artists, and offers them a completely independent viewpoint on its quality and effectiveness. It additionally allows other artists to comment on their degree of success with the item, so the artist community includes a place to share information on the latest available items associated with drawing people.

If you are an artist with a specific ability in any of the following areas: portraits, cartoons, figure drawing, manga, caricatures, and are interested in writing or adding to our website in any way, simply visit the site’s contact page. We allow guest authors for subject matter experts. You may also contact us for those who have a product in the people sketching industry you’d like for all of us to review.

About DrawPeople.org: http://www.DrawPeople.org is dedicated to helping artist both experienced and new learn how to draw people quickly and easily. At DrawPeople.org, artists can find resources and articles regarding how to draw portraits, figure drawing, caricature sketching, cartoon as well as manga drawing, and much more. DrawPeople.org is run by Clear Five LLC.

DrawPeople.org Website Is Live And Ready To Assist New As Well As Experienced Artists Grasp The Skill Of Drawing People

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